Unravel is for men who take their future seriously and want to make huge strides spiritually, relationally, and vocationally.

Unravel is for any man on any journey.

Unravel was started by a group of Christian men who want more from themselves and each other. They wanted to create a space to explore how to be a better man, where they could grow as Christians, friends, workers, husbands, and fathers.

The process flows from the Bible and draws from a number of Christian and secular teachers, scholars, and leaders. That said, the principles are universal. Through each Unravel experience, participants strive to articulate their unique, personal vision and a practical framework for moving that vision forward.

You can experience Unravel in-person or virtually.

What is the format?

Groups meet once a month for three hours in a structured time of learning, sharing, and accountability. The process is assignment-heavy (reading, assignments, memorization), with roughly 4-5 hours of weekly homework.

What do I have to do?

Participants must be willing to commit to doing the work, showing up on time, being fully prepared, and trusting the system.

What We Tackle Together

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Career & Life Purpose

Thinking Icon

Thoughtful Decision Making

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Communication Skills

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Navigating Relationships

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Emotional & Spiritual Health

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Family Challenges

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Kindness With Boundaries

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Leadership Development

How Can Unravel Help You?

Finding Your Why

Discover who you were uniquely created to be, hone in on a personal vision, and get excited about your future.

Increasing Awareness

Learn your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, biases, and ultimate calling so you can determine your next steps.

Building Better Habits

Replace unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns with more effective strategies for fostering personal growth, paving the way toward a more fulfilling spiritual, professional, and personal life.

Mens Support Group

Living On Purpose

Envision the ideal version of yourself, then apply the motivation, clarity, and practical tools to help you get there.

Learning To Lead

Build your character and heart for serving others as you gain the skills necessary for expanded growth and influence.

Living A Sustainable Life Of Faith

Cultivate what is most important, equipping yourself with the wisdom, endurance, and courage to meet the demands of your reality.

from Unravel Alumni and Leaders

Stories From
Unravel Alumni

Unravel really took me to the next level.

It builds your capacity to handle the challenges of life. It stretches you to develop discipline and excellence. I’ve become more competent as a husband and father, as well as a professional.


Participating in Unravel has completely transformed my life.

If you are a man who desires to be a leader and you want to grow in all aspects of your life, I recommend you sign up. This group will equip you with techniques that are vital to success and will provide you with an unbreakable foundation.


There’s something here for any man on any journey.

The foundation of Unravel is universal. It’s biblical. There is this freedom to come as you are. There is such encouragement to own your mistakes and experience redemption.


Before Unravel, I felt stuck.

I went from lamenting what I didn't know and didn't do well, to having the tools to better navigate life. I gained the wisdom, knowhow, and ability to actually become a better man. The best feedback I received came from how pleased my wife was with the changes she saw in my life.


After the first meeting, I thought, “this is where I need to be”.

My life is most certainly better because I gained wisdom and tools.


I do not enjoy men’s ministries. Unravel proved to be unlike any of them.

When I started, I was just a guy. When I finished, I felt like a man. I had leveled up. I was living my life on purpose.


Unravel gave me the language and tools to identify what areas of my life I was ignoring.

It didn’t “fix” me, but it reoriented my heart to see more clearly the things God has fostered within me. Now I am better equipped to speak into the lives of others.


When I heard about Unravel, I knew that I needed it.

I wanted to be great, and I wanted to follow God, but my actions didn’t align with my intentions. Unravel gave me the tools, habits, encouragement, and motivation to build a purposeful life.


Trying to pursue real personal growth by myself was lonely and often disorienting.

Since Unravel, I feel so much more grounded and able to navigate the challenges life brings my way.


My life before Unravel lacked a certain focus and discipline.

I knew there was plenty room for growth as a man, husband, and father. Through my time in Unravel, I was reminded that I can do hard things! Out of it has come a desire to continually pursue growth in all areas of my life.


I started Unravel not really knowing what to expect.

What I found was a group of godly men who are serious about personal growth in all aspects of their lives. I have become more intentional, more confident in my decisions, and I have a stronger desire to live a life of excellence.


I feel better equipped to face the challenges of life, and I certainly have more consistency in my life and confidence in my faith.

I loved the challenge of Unravel - and how it pushed me to look beyond my current circumstances and current way of thinking. I loved how we were encouraged to dig deeper and ask why or how. I was also pleasantly surprised by the immediate relationships I built with the men in my group and how quickly we all bonded.


Every aspect of my life has changed for the better.

I decided to start Unravel because there was a glimpse of a group offering genuine direction. I now take on obstacles as they come to me without feeling overwhelmed by them. I have more faith, hope, love, confidence, and community. What motivates me now is helping the people around me as opposed to seeking their approval.


The consistency and demands of Unravel helped me realize how much I have to offer and what I can continue to grow into as a leader and a man.

Before Unravel, I felt like I was drifting through life and didn't like where I was headed. I still have my struggles in life, but now I face them with the foundations of practiced disciplines and a strengthened faith.


Join a Group

Every journey begins with a first step. Wherever you are, at whatever stage of life, whether in-person or virtual, there is a group for you. There is a $120 cost to participate, payable when you complete your registration.

Fill out a short form to start the process.


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On The Fence?

Unravel: GO is a free, six-week experience designed to give you a taste of what Unravel is all about. It is simple, straightforward, and self-directed.

If you’re looking to find purpose or begin a new chapter in your life, this course is for you.

Lead a Group

Want to start an in-person or online men’s development group? Looking to bring Unravel to your church? Excited to serve other men committed to learn how to be a better man? Fill out a short form to start the process.

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Take a Course

Looking to jumpstart growth in specific areas of your life? The Unravel Lab offers short, focused courses designed to help you get from DESIRE to ACTION in ways that are personal, practical, and motivating.


Unravel is committed to providing free and accessibly priced offerings to men seeking life change. We welcome one-time and recurring donations so we may continue to fulfill our mission of equipping men to lead lives of faith and purpose.

UNRAVEL Groups, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are eligible for charitable tax deductions.

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