What is Unravel? A Community Excited About Men’s Personal Growth

Unravel is for men who take their future seriously and want to make huge strides spiritually, relationally, professionally.

The goal is to explore significant growth through significant effort – pursuing excellence through robust preparation and participation. Unlike other men’s groups, it is not a Bible study or a hangout.

Our materials draw from a number of Christian and secular teachers, scholars, and leaders. Through the process, participants strive to articulate their unique vision and a practical framework for moving that vision forward.

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Our Approach

Unravel operates to equip men for a better future in community with other motivated men.

Each Unravel experience invites men to learn, question, and reflect on what they need to realize a better future.

Our participants emerge with a vision for their lives and a compass for meeting the demands of their reality.

Our leaders are passionate about men’s personal development – encouraging each participant to articulate their unique strengths, address their weaknesses, and adopt a posture of life-long growth.

The invitation for men who experience Unravel is to live passionate lives of faith, experience profound relationships, work with purpose, and lead with courage. To be men who pursue progress, not perfection.

The Process

I Unravel I: Equip

Unravel I invites men who are hungry to grow as a Christian, leader, husband, father, employee, and friend. Through a series of readings, assignments, and time together, men build greater awareness of their strengths, weaknesses, and calling. For those seeking motivation, clarity, and practical tools for leading a life on purpose, Unravel I is the place to start.

Unravel I costs $120 and is a twelve month commitment, with groups meeting once per month for three hours, as well as one weekend retreat. It is open to all men.

II Unravel II: Lead

Unravel II challenges men to grow in their leadership. The format is the same as Unravel I, but expectations are raised. Men will come prepared each month to discuss various assignments, and how they are pursuing excellence, integrity, and their life mission. Those who desire greater growth, wish to expand their influence, and are energized by the Unravel process are strongly encouraged to participate.

Unravel II is a six month commitment, with groups meeting once per month for three hours. It is open to all men who have completed Unravel I.

III Unravel III: Renew

Unravel III provides space for men seeking to renew their minds to better meet the demands of their reality. Unlike Unravel I and II, there is no book to read or scripture to memorize. Men come prepared to have frank, open discussions of topics important to them and the world. This is a forum to speak freely and unedited – men supporting each other, asking questions, and working through ideas with bravery, sincere curiosity, and grace.

Unravel III groups meet once per month for three hours. It is open to all men who have completed Unravel I and Unravel II.

Unravel: GO

Unravel offers a free, self-guided e-course for men looking to pursue growth! Unravel: GO is a six week experience in which men develop awareness, motivation, and direction toward their goals in all areas of their lives. It is simple, straight-forward, and self-directed. Each day, men tackle a question, prompt, or conversation, guided by life-changing principles and timeless truths. Unravel: GO is designed for those looking to find purpose or begin a new chapter in their life – or simply curious to explore what Unravel is all about.

Unravel: GO is a six-week commitment, with men completing the training on their own time. It is open to all men.

Unravel Lab

The Unravel Lab provides men with impactful, focused courses to jumpstart growth in specific areas of their life. Unlike a class, group, or seminar, these self-guided studies create opportunities for meaningful discovery, work, testing, dialogue, and next steps.

Every offering is designed to help men get from DESIRE to ACTION:

  • Reveal where you are and where you really want to be.
  • Clarify your thinking and ultimate goals.
  • Refocus your efforts in motivating, practical ways.

Each Unravel Lab costs $20, and is an approximately six hour commitment, with men completing the training on their own time. They are open to all men.

Meet Our Team

Malcom Coronel

Malcolm Coronel

Malcolm is driven by a desire to effectively lead with faith and honesty. He is the Founder and CEO of Ktizo, an early-stage music tech startup with a mission to help music creatives transform their passion into long-term success. As a business executive, husband, and father, Malcolm seeks to uphold faith-based value points. He is committed to uplifting his community and prioritizes servant leadership. Malcolm is currently executing his career vision at Pepperdine Graziadio Business school.

Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan

Mark is passionate about casting vision and communicating important truths that empower people to accomplish something truly unique. He is the founder and managing partner of Vercor Advisors, LLC, an Investment Banking firm. Mark is the author or co-author of five books and holds an MBA from Baylor University and BSBA from the University of Arkansas. He has served and currently serves on both nonprofit and for-profit boards.

Drew Lucas

Drew Lucas

Drew is the CEO and Creative Director at RADAR Creative, an original content studio with offices in Los Angeles and Orange County. Drew strives to be a congruent business owner, a friend who listens first and sacrifices for those he loves, and a spiritual director who pursues and fosters a diverse ecosystem of holistic discipleship. Drew’s integrated approach to design and execution has won him praise from some of the world’s biggest brands including AT&T, Walmart, Public Storage, Ubisoft, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Studio and Universal Studios Hollywood. Drew has a Bachelor Degree from Biola University.

Paul Turbiak

Paul Turbiak

Paul is an actor, writer, teaching artist, communicator, and arts administrator. He is dedicated to building bridges in life and art, serving with humbleness, and leaving the world better than he found it. As a performer, Paul has appeared onstage all over Los Angeles and beyond, has a number of film and commercial credits, and his voice work can be heard in several feature films. He is the Communications Manager/Executive Assistant to the Dean at the CalArts School of Theater, and the Director of Communications at CalArts Center for New Performance. Paul holds a BA in Theater from Gordon College, and an MFA in Acting from California Institute of the Arts.

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