Men’s Accountability Group Questions (FAQs)

Learn more information about Unravel, and find answers to common questions about our process, our background, and how to join a group near you.

Our approach is designed to help any man on any journey develop the tools, habits, and motivation for long-term growth. It’s what sets Unravel apart from other men’s accountability groups or Christian mentoring programs.

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Am I able to participate?
Unravel is open to and designed for any man on any journey – Christians and non-Christians alike. The curriculum flows from the Bible and points towards Jesus. That said, the principles are universal.
What's the commitment?

Men are expected to be on time, be prepared, and participate fully in all meetings, assignments, and activities. Selective engagement is not an option. Groups meet once per month for up to twelve months (depending on the program), with roughly 4-5 hours of weekly homework. Confidentiality is crucial; what is shared in the group stays in the group.

How can Unravel change your life?
Unravel can help you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It provides you with a set of disciplines and principles to lead a better life, as well as the vision to become the man God has uniquely created you to be.

How do I know if Unravel is for me?
If you feel stuck or unsure in some area – Unravel is for you. If working on yourself alongside other men feels like a stretch – Unravel is for you. If you desire more for your life, your relationships, your faith – Unravel is for you.

I've seen other men's environments; how is Unravel different?

Unravel fosters growth, personal ownership, community, spiritual development, and practical application. It is not a self-help program, a Bible study, or a hangout. Rather, it is designed to be more challenging – and more rewarding – than most men’s environments.

Does my location matter?

Yes and no. Unravel has in-person, local chapters that exist in various towns, cities, and churches, as well as online groups which draw men from across the world. Anyone can participate virtually, and depending on your location, you can join/start an in-person group in your area!

Is Unravel: GO a prerequisite for Unravel I, II, or III?

No. Unravel: GO is designed for any man who has not experienced Unravel. Men who experience Unravel: GO will be better prepared for Unravel I, but it is not required.

Should I complete Unravel: GO before Unravel I?

It depends! If you’re on the fence or want to test out what Unravel has to offer, GO is a frictionless way to start. If you’ve signed up for a group, but it’s not starting for a couple months, GO will prime you for what you are about to experience. If you’re curious to experience growth without the commitment level of an Unravel group, GO is a great place to start.

Why can't I do this by myself?
You are capable of learning and doing a lot on your own. That said, we’ve found there are limits to a ‘lone wolf’ mentality, and certain growth happens best in the community. There is tremendous accountability, insight, and encouragement from learning alongside other men who are likewise committed to growth, faith, and purpose.

Is this a faith based group? Do I have to be a Christian to participate?
Unravel was started by a group of Christian men, and the curriculum flows from the Bible. That said, you don’t have to be a Christian to participate. The principles are universal, and the curriculum is designed for any man on any journey.

How much does it cost?

Unravel has both free and accessibly priced groups and offerings, thanks to the generosity of our donors who are passionate about helping men pursue progress in their lives.

Am I qualified to lead?
Potential leaders will be evaluated based on their character, gifts, commitment, and alignment with the Unravel mission, vision, and values. Key qualities for a leader include being service oriented, confident, humble, motivated, organized, and teachable. (Participation in Unravel I, II, and III is highly encouraged).

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, UNRAVEL Groups, Inc is a 501c3 and qualified to receive tax deductible donations.