Unravel Lab

The Unravel Lab provides men with impactful, focused courses to jumpstart growth in specific areas of their life. 

Unlike a class, group, or seminar, these self-guided studies create opportunities for meaningful discovery, work, testing, dialogue, and next steps.

Every offering is designed to help men get from DESIRE to ACTION:

  • Reveal where you are and where you really want to be.
  • Clarify your thinking and ultimate goals.
  • Refocus your efforts in motivating, practical ways.

Each Unravel Lab costs $20, and is an approximately six hour commitment, with men completing the training on their own time. They are open to all men.


Unravel: EXCELLENCE is for men looking to pursue excellence in all areas of their life. Participants will unpack their relationship to excellence, discover where and how excellence is showing up in their life, learn a more helpful framework for excellence, and adopt an impactful, sustainable pursuit of excellence moving forward.


Unravel: RELATIONSHIPS equips men to better engage the people around them – at home, at work, and in the world. Participants will identify their framework for building relationships, discover how they are helping and hurting their relationships, learn a more helpful framework for navigating relationships, and adopt an impactful, sustainable framework for relationships moving forward.

Mens Health And Wellness

On The Fence?

Unravel: GO is a free, six-week experience designed to give you a taste of what Unravel is all about. It is simple, straightforward, and self-directed.

If you’re looking to find purpose or begin a new chapter in your life, this course is for you.