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Welcome to Unravel!

We are so excited you are here.


All of us have a relationship to excellence. We see it in the world, in others, and in ourselves. It’s beautiful and inspiring and convicting and motivating.

The root word of excellence is “excel”, meaning to go beyond what is expected.

But we often find ourselves stalled along the way towards this high aim. We may say we’re “doing our best”, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we are coming up short in all sorts of ways. “Our best” in our vocations may just look like keeping our jobs, or doing just enough to get a raise. “Our best” in our relationships make look like avoiding major arguments, keeping our families alive, or lowered expectations. “Our best” in our spiritual lives make look like practicing kindness or routine participation in a church community. (To be clear, none of these things are in and of themselves bad).

But deep down inside, you want more from yourself and your life. You want everything to be better. (We’re guessing that’s why you’re here).

The good news is: YOU ARE MORE THAN CAPABLE OF PURSUING EXCELLENCE. And if you’ve gotten as far as finding this course, you have the willingness to do something about it!

As men, we all have things we do extremely well. And we all have an area (if we’re honest, several areas) in which we are stuck. Unravel is designed to help you in all facets of your life – the good, the bad, the ugly, the unexamined, and the important. Whoever you are. Whatever you believe. Wherever you are on your journey.

Over these next three sessions, you’ll encounter a series of prompts, questions, and assignments designed to make you aware of how excellence is currently showing up in your life, clarify what you want and how you might get there, and set specific next steps for yourself that are motivating and sustainable!

Be honest.
Do the work.
Finish what you start.

Nothing good comes easy.
God will show up.
Unravel is about becoming a better man.


As you are about to begin, we want to encourage you in this journey. It is an amazing pursuit, and one that is SO WORTH THE EFFORT.


Let’s get started.

Course Content

Session One: Build Awareness

  • Build Awareness: Overview
  • Build Awareness: Question 1
  • Build Awareness: Question 2
  • Build Awareness: Question 3
  • Build Awareness: Question 4
  • Build Awareness: Question 5
  • Build Awareness: Question 6
  • Build Awareness: Question 7
  • Build Awareness: Question 8
  • Build Awareness: Question 9
  • Build Awareness: Question 10
  • Build Awareness: Question 11
  • Build Awareness: Question 12
  • Build Awareness: Question 13
  • Build Awareness: Question 14
  • Build Awareness: Next Steps

Session Two: Gain Clarity

Session Three: Take Action


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