wELcOME, The Lifeonaire show LISTENER!

Since you are here, you likely heard me on  The Lifeonaire Show with Jason Wojo & Peter Kolat.

I hope you found my conversation to be insightful and motivating. As you likely heard, I’m passionate about helping men reach their full potential so they can experience lives of purpose, leadership, service, and joy.

Of course, no one gets where they want to go by staying put. Progress requires intention, effort, insight, and help along the way. Put another way, true growth does not happen in isolation.

That’s why we started Unravel.


Unravel was created for any man on any journey, and is designed to foster growth in all areas of your life – personal, spiritual, professional. It is our desire that you continue to become the man God uniquely created you to be. And it is our privilege to be part of that process.

Please explore our life-changing offerings below. And if I or the rest of our team can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are grateful for your interest, and excited for your future!

— Mark Jordan, Founder of Unravel Groups


What We Tackle Together

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Career & Life Purpose

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Thoughtful Decision Making

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Communication Skills

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Navigating Relationships

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Emotional & Spiritual Health

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Family Challenges

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Kindness With Boundaries

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Leadership Development