Most of us strive to deliver excellence in the workplace, just as we strive to deliver excellence in other areas of our life. This is especially true if we are leading teams or are otherwise responsible for setting the culture of our work environment. Excellence isn’t something that’s achieved overnight, nor is it something that can be achieved without clear intent. That’s because excellence is inherently purposeful, with those who pursue it aiming to produce positive, meaningful, and impactful improvements to workplace morale and motivation. When we talk about a culture of excellence in the workplace, what we’re really talking about is a culture of caring. It’s caring about the people you work with and the conditions that you (and they) work under and going above and beyond to ensure that everyone has what they need to achieve excellence in their own right. And this is closely linked with other pursuits that we have as Christians, demonstrating the qualities that God expects of us and doing our best to bring others to knowing Him. A workplace that is low on excellence – and by default, low on morale – is one that doesn’t inspire greatness. In turn, it’s one that struggles with everything from productivity to peer relationships, and that often degrades over time if active changes aren’t made. Below, we’re exploring six examples of excellence in the workplace, with concrete things that all of us can do to improve our respective cultures and inspire others to meet their most ambitious goals.

How to Deliver Excellence at Work

In a post titled “The Neglected Necessity for High Performance,” leadership expert and clinical psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud talks about the essential nature of human connection in the pursuit of excellence – something he refers to as the “power of the other.” If you’re in a position of influence, you’re in a position to be this all-important “other” to those you work with. In addition, you likely have certain people you look up to, and who have been instrumental in boosting your own efficiency and morale. As we like to say here at Unravel, direction determines destination. Here are six actionable ways to capture Dr. Cloud’s “power of the other” and be a leader of excellence in your own workplace.

1. Build a Qualified Team

Talent begets talent. By identifying the most qualified people for your team, you not only set a foundation for achieving operational excellence but also help ensure that everyone can be proud of the results they’re helping work toward. It also tends to work out that the more focused we are on qualified people, the more qualified people will wind up at our door.

2. Reward Excellence When You See It

Calling out excellence in performance is instrumental to helping you increase morale and encourage more great work. Let excellence be the driver of things like bonuses and perks, and make sure your people know just how much you appreciate their efforts.

3. Always Practice Patience

It’s normal to get stressed out at work, but that’s no excuse to exhibit negative behavior. As author and speaker, Ken Boa, reminds us in his post “An Inside-Out Life,” waiting, instead of reacting, gives us time to gain perspective. This notion is further supported in James 1:19, which says that we “must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” In all things, create a culture based around patience rather than resorting to anger in moments of stress.

4. Set Out a Clear Vision

What constitutes true excellence in your workplace depends on your larger goals and values. For that reason, it’s important to clearly communicate both your objectives and the purpose behind them, giving everyone something concrete to work toward and ensuring that they know what’s expected of them.

5. Create a Team Atmosphere

“For the body is not one member, but many.” (1 Corinthians 12:14) Humanity works best as a team, and so do your employees. Foster an atmosphere of teamwork, and help deliver excellence by reminding everyone that they work not just for the betterment of themselves but for the betterment of everyone around them.

6. Encourage Growth

We must constantly learn and grow if we want to innovate and achieve. Encourage personal growth among your workforce, and set up opportunities for it too. This may include things like offering continuing education workshops or certifications or investing in your employees’ formal education or outside experiences. Want to learn more? Unravel is a men’s organization dedicated to helping all of our men strive for excellence in their life. With humility, leadership, and the teachings of Jesus, we have embarked on an endless pursuit of excellence in our work, our relationships, and our spiritual life, and we invite you to join us on this mission. Join an Unravel group to get started today.

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