Learning how to make wise decisions is vital for carving out the right path in life. It’s also key to your spiritual development, ensuring that you have the insight needed to make choices that align with your values, your beliefs, and your larger purpose.

As John Maxwell puts it, “Successful people make wise decisions early and manage those decisions daily.” But how do you know the decision is wise when you make it?

Let’s delve deeper into wise decision-making – and how making good decisions benefits you morally and mentally.

Ways To Be Wise: Decision-Making At the Core of Who You Are

When it is a good time to make a good decision, you’ll know.

In his article “Wise, Foolish, or Evil: Which One Are You Going to Be?”, leadership expert and clinical psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud discusses the link between the types of decisions we make and the types of people we are. And along the way, he provides us with useful insight on how making wise decisions benefits us spiritually and holistically.

According to Dr. Cloud, the wise decision maker is one who decides based on experience, either his own or the experience of others. Moreso, the wise decision maker is open to feedback and willing to change course if and when it is required.

These principles of wise decision making are further supported in Ken Boa’s article “The Characters of the Wise,” where the renowned author mentions seven traits that form the foundation of wisdom – and by default, wisdom-based decision making. These are: humility, loyalty, teachability, righteousness, Godly speech, forgiveness, and thoughtfulness. It’s easy to see how making decisions with these traits in mind can lead you in the right direction.

The Value in Making Wise Decisions

“He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but he who walks wisely will be delivered.” – Proverbs 28:26

In some cases, deciding wisely may seem like deciding against your own interests. For example, a good decision may be a decision that feels uncomfortable or unattainable, or it may go against what you have been doing previously. However, it is precisely by facing these situations and choosing to make the wise decision – and not necessarily the easy decision – that we develop moral and mental character.

When writing about the seven characteristics of the wise, Boa mentions the inherent connection between character and wisdom. By living our life with spiritual grace, we can build our character and better serve our faith. Prioritizing wise decision making is one of the best things you can do to feel closer to God and bring others closer to Him as well.

To put it bluntly, wisdom separates us from foolishness and evil. When we decide wisely, we distinguish ourselves from fools, who refuse to take responsibility for their actions or adjust their behaviors in the pursuit of righteousness. And we distinguish ourselves from evil people who actively make decisions meant to hurt others.

When you base your decisions on what God expects of you, you can always be confident you are on the right path. Do as He teaches and act out of love, not shame. In the process, you’ll discover yourself deepening your faith, one day and one wise decision at a time.

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